Would you like a full-proof system that guarantees you are capturing your best vocal performances, and at industry-standard quality?

I spent years creating one bad recording after another until I finally designed a system to create professional vocal takes in my home studio.

We'll cover...

  • What gear to buy
  • How to record in a DAW
  • How to set up your room
  • Best Practices (to avoid those pitfalls)
  • Bonus: Basic Mixing

This course also includes my free Top 10 Mistakes Made When Recording and Mixing Vocals Guide.

AND you'll get The Independent Artist's Resource Guide for FREE as well 😀

I've put together all of my top recommendations to help you take your career as a music artist to that next level!

  • Instrumental Tracks
  • Music Software
  • Gear
  • Business
  • Social Media Tools
  • Growing Your Audience
  • Distribution
  • Sync Licensing

...and more!

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